A Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Get a Better Sleep- Find Out How TCM TuiFu Can Help

TCM TuiFu – One of the Best Ways to Reduce Your Stress and Boost Your Immune System and Have a Better Sleep

Last week, one of the well-know TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) wellness expert nicknamed “Zhong Li Ba Ren” (中里巴人)hosted a seminar in Toronto and emphasized the TuiFu healing method that I have talked about in two articles How to Eliminate Your Stress in 10 Minutes and How to Bost Your Immune System Effectively by TCM.

According to TCM meridian and organ theory,  this 3-step simple method could help reduce evil Qi, toxic substance, and turbid water down and out of your body.  Please refer to the picture below. I suggest you to press and massage about 300 times for each (about 3-5 minutes).  In most cases, you will hear bubbling sound in your abdomen, which means the qi is moving.  As mentioned, it’s best to be done when you lie on the bed.   With such toxic Qi, substance and water out,  you can sleep better as well.






Step 1: Press along the mid line from chest to the bottom of your belly




TuiFu Step 2



Step2: Press downward along the Ribs





TuiFu Step 3



Step 3: Massage around the belly button -clockwise




Here is the video that I recorded before, which helps demonstrates this method further.

Please try it and leave me a comment whether you hear the bubbling sound and how it help you..



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