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My name is Ruth.  Born in China,  I immigrated to Canada in 1999.    Like a lot of Chinese people,  I thought I knew something about Chinese medicine due to daily dietary exposure and knew some basic herbs such as astragalus (黄芪), GouQi or Wolfberry (枸杞) etc.    And also like them, I thought Chinese medicine treatment is slow and  can only be supplementary of western medicine treatment.   My view is totally changed after one event.

In early 2011,  my younger sister was diagnosed of breast cancer in Canada.  Terrified, shocked, worried, helpless.  It’s like a death toll horning around us.   It’s a kind of mental kill that  I guess only a person who has similar experience can truly understand.   With her husband and kid still back in China, she felt so desparate.  So did I.   I started to read all kinds of Chinese medicine books.  I took her to near a dozen of Chinese medicine practitioners here near Toronto,  with no better advice other than going for surgery as majority of people follow (I believe some of these Chinese doctors are decent, but not that skillful or confident that they can cure cancer and don’t want to take any responsibility for giving other advices).

With up and down mental stresses as we went through each assessment stage, she finished the two consecutive  surgeries  (bad luck with a new surgeon) .  But after the surgeries,  for two months, she couldn’t sleep at all,  day or night.   Various sleeping pills only worked for the first 1 or 2 days.  She was still on chemotherapy and would have to go for radiation therapy soon after!.    This was not going to work!!  Any moment,  she could be taken away from us.   So we decided to give up chemo and radiation treatment. I took her to see a few more Chinese medicine practitioners, acupuncturist as well as herb doctors here in Toronto GTA to help her sleep.  Some treatments helped a bit, but not much further progress.

I am so blessed that during my search for good TCM doctor and TCM books, I  was introduced to Dr Ni, HaiXia’s (倪海厦) courses.  He was one of the best Chinese medicine doctor that I ever heard of who can really cure cancer.   But before I could arrange to take my sister to his clinic in Florida, Dr. Ni unfortunately passed away. Luckily, he left behind all his valuable tutoring series,  books, videos as well as documents and detailed clinical case study material.   I studied all his courses hungrily day and night,  with only one thing in my mind:  to cure my sister.   We learned ,and we tried acupressure, acupuncture, herbal prescription,  moxibustion, QiGong, dietary change at home.  Today, my sister is living normally and happily.   If only she were diagnosed today,  with my knowledge of true traditional Chinese medicine that I possess now, for sure I will not take her for any surgery.

The event has already passed near 4 years.   But the impact to me, however, is everlasting.  I not only gained the great interest in and knowledge of true Chinese traditional medicine, both theory and clinic, in the areas of acupuncture /acupressure,  herbs/ herbal remedies, cupping  therapy, moxibustion etc,  but also realized that Chinese medicine is not and should not be just supplementary treatment. It can be very effective and fast in a way that western medicine can never be able to match,  if you learn the right diagnosis theory and treatment direction from the right doctors.

Nowadays,  even in China,  majority of the so called Chinese medicine doctors are westernized and not traditional Chinese doctors anymore, or learning the wrong direction of Chinese medicine.   They mistakenly think western medicine is more advanced, like other technologies.   So even they were in traditional Chinese medicine schools,  they are focusing on too much western diagnosis or lab tests. That’s why so many Chinese have the impression that Chinese medicine can only be health supplement.  In my view,  that’s totally ignorant. Fortunately there are still some good doctors that did follow the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment.

Another big drive behind my search for good Chinese medicine knowledge and treatment is for my children and myself.   I will post all the details regarding the problems and my search and treatment on my blogs later on.

During these years of TCM knowledge search and study, in addition to Dr. Ni,HaiXia (倪海厦), I have also been greatly influenced by some other famous doctors in mainland China , Taiwan, Japan and Korea, including Dr Peng, YiJun 彭奕竣 in Taiwan; my middle school classmate –the very famous Acupuncturist in China, Dr. Zuo,ChangBo (左常波), who is also the personal doctor of Jack Ma (马云,founder of Alibaba, 阿里巴巴); Dr. Yang, WeiJie (杨维杰) in USA; Dr. Zhang, ShaoJie (张少杰) in Toronto; and several other less famous acupuncturists or herbal doctors.    I hungrily studied their books and other materials, over and over to digest and to feel.  My view is :  if this is not something you can apply on your dearest family members like your kids or lovers, this will not be good enough to practice on other people.   I know I am far from being an expert.  And even a practitioner who is already an expert,   he will for sure has his limit, simply because we are all humans.  .

As a holistic medicine , Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a whole  array of medical theories and treatments, such as acupuncture/acupressure, Tuina, Reflexology, Chinese herbal tea, cupping therapy, moxibustion therapy, herbs/herbal remedies, bloodletting therapy, special exercises such as Tai Chi (太极), Qigong etc., to name a few.  To practice well, it requires a very good understanding of Chinese medicine diagnosis foundation as well as the right treatments. As most of the good Chinese medicine doctors don’t have good English command, their theory books, case study material or videos are all written in Chinese, some of them even in ancient Chinese language.  It’s very hard for  even a very well-educated Chinese  person to understand,  nevertheless to say a person who has no good Chinese foundation.  Also, to learn from a really good Chinese medicine doctor is also vitally important.  In addition,  for a person to truly grasp the core spirit of traditional Chinese medicine, he needs to have the special observation capabilities and inner feeling power (悟性) in order to learn well.

A lot of my friends suggest that I should go to get a license to be an Acupuncturist or a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor since I am so passionate and have already studied for several years.   I also thought about that.  But I asked my self:  Do I want to be an Acupuncturist that will only treat limited number of people or do I want to be a promotor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to reach all the people in the world?  So my choice is to focus my time and energy on providing helpful information so everyone can apply at home.

Whenever I hear a woman gone for breast surgery or a kid died of breathing problem,  my heart sank heavily. I feel the need to do something.  I think such a treasure shouldn’t be just limited to Chinese people.  It should be shared and cherished by all human kinds in the world.  I hope I can be the ambassador of Traditional Chinese Medicine to pass the knowledge  and effective therapies to every family who need them and can apply at home.  So I hope my efforts through this website can provide you with some valuable health information or quality products regarding such an oriental medicine that can help you better the health for you and your family.   And I will continue to learn and practice, so as to bring the true and amazing traditional Chinese Medicine treasure to all the people around the world.

There is an important phrase in traditional Chinese medicine which is called” health problems comes from your heart (病由心生)”. Please remember, your mind plays a big, if not the most important role in any health problem.  That’s why I will also mention or link some  other vital spiritual or soul components such as soothing music so you can have access to comprehensive healing therapies.

Remember, Knowledge is power.  To make the right decision, you have to equip yourself with enough and right information. Please feel free to go to the website to browse through the useful tips or health information, and don’t forget to sign up for your free articles or videos related to TCM knowledge or treatment.


God bless you all.


Ruth Liu

Ambassador of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Founder of ClickTCM.com

Drafted on Jan 15, 2015

P.S. I am amazed by cupping therapy and is currently learning from the famous cupping doctor Mr. Wang, Jin.   With so many years of traditional Chinese medicine study and good understanding of meridian system,  it is not hard for me to grasp it.