Acupressure Point of FeiShu (BL13)- 肺俞穴

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Location of Acupressure Point FeiShu (BL13)  肺俞穴:

On the back, level with the lower border of the spinous process of the 3nd thoracic vertebra, 1.5 cun (about 2 finger width) lateral to the posterior midline

(When you bend your head forward, you can touch the highest bone bulge which is the 1st thoracic vertebra, just 2 more vertebra down, lower border, and then 2 finger width away from the spine line)

Please refer to the chart – yellow dots

FeiShu (BL13)









General Treatment Indication of Acupressure Point FeiShu (BL13)

The following is just the general function description by the acupressure point of FeiShu (BL13) itself.   In reality, there is normally a combination of a few acupressure points to work together to fix the health problem based on the comprehensive TCM diagnosis .

Cough with asthma, common cold, nasal congestion, high fever, night sweats, itchiness of the skin