Does Acupuncture Really Work? BBC Documentary Video Unveils The Miracles of Acupuncture

This is a BBC documentary video by professor Kathy Sykes from UK. Through the real clinical observation and organized lab tests, she provided very objective view about acupuncture. Although the myth of why and how acupuncture works still remain to be explored, she concluded that acupuncture for sure works. It’s like a miracle, but both applications on patients and MRI image/data proved the effectiveness of acupuncture.

Heart surgery without anesthesia: Acupuncture needles only- can’t believe it?

Yes, it is true and it happened in the hospital in China. This video documented a life threating heart operation without general anesthesis . Through only acupuncture needles, the patient remained alert (with her eyes open, head moving) during the whole 2-hour long heart surgery without feeling pain. She said afterwards: she could feel the sensation of acupuncture needles. She could hear the knife cutting her chest bone, but she didn’t feel the pain. And her recovery speed is also amazing- within 7 days, she is fully recovered and got out of the hospital.

Is there any scientific proof of Qi or acupuncture?

Is there really Qi and how acupuncture works? Some people doubt that acupuncture really works – maybe it’s more of psychological reaction instead of the real needle stimulation. A lot of people argue that there is no scientific proof that there is Qi promoted by traditional Chinese medicine.  In this video you will see a person breaking a steel bar purely by controlling the Qi flow. You won’t believe if you don’t see it by your own eyes. This documentary video also recorded a well planned and organized lab test to prove the existence of Qi and how acupuncture works on human bodies . The advanced MRI image scanning and real time data showed clearly the brain reaction to the acupuncture needle. The neurologists as well as the professor are all amazed by the result.  They are well convinced that the acupuncture needles have measurable biological effect on the body .

This video is a bit long- around 1 hour. But you can have a very objective view and better understanding of acupuncture through real clinic applications and various tests  –  BBC professor.


Are you now awed by how much acupuncture can do? I am, and I have no doubt about it since I applied the acupuncture needles on myself often and can feel the Qi flow.

You can apply acupressure to do self-care at home

While applying the needles or performing acupuncture requires quite some skills and training and there are some risks associated with it if you don’t know the angle and depth and the theory behind it, you can still apply acupressure at home and achieve similar results. Acupressure can be safely performed to prevent or treat almost any health problems, only if you understand the theory and know how. Click here to sign up for our free articles and videos about traditional Chinese medicine home remedies and manage your health. Come to visit our website for free health tips and information based on traditional Chinese Medicine. With right and enough knowledge, you can be your own doctor.


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