TED Talk -Charmian Wylde-Acupuncture Video-Chinese Medicine for Infertility

Youtoube video in TED talk telling you the story of acupuncture treatment for infertility by Charmian Wylde…

If It Happens to You, What Your Choices Would be? 

Toronto former mayor Rob Ford passed away.  Some news reported that he died of cancer? Is it really so? 

 It’s Flu Season! Have You Ever Questioned About Immunization or Vaccination?

Recently I heard of news reporting about the nasal spray of flu vaccine for Children to avoid any needle pain.  Comparing with traditional needle flu shot, this is a more considerate format of flu vaccine for younger kids. However..

Bowel Movement Difficulty? -Most Effective TCM Acupressure Treatment %

It could be very uncomfortable when you experience bowel movement difficulty.  You will know the feeling when you experience this.  This simple TCM acupressure bases massage can help you get stool movement in 2-3 minutes…. For detailed acupressure points and video, please click here.

How to Treat Constipation Effectively Using TCM Acupressue

Just do acupressure on these acupuncture points and get your next bowel movement within 24 hours…. Read more


How to Prevent Breast Cancer -III (Stop Doing Mammogram)

Almost every family doctor will recommend you to do yearly mammogram to take an x-ray picture of your breast and never warns you of any negative Mammogramconcerns. And most women will follow suits without much thinking of the possible risks.  Why some traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors tell you not to do it? Click here to read more..

How to Prevent Breast Cancer -II (Breast Massage and Combing)

Since breast milk is period, you need to make sure the breast milk is either sucked totally by the baby (it doesn’t breast milk duct, breast cancermean one time suction, it could mean days or months of continuous feeding.  As long as there is no ultimate accumulation ) or it is flushed out through period properly.   If for any reason there is any leftover and blockage in the milk duct,  it will start to cause abnormal growth: from benign lumps which might be smooth and a bit painful, to tumors.

How and when to do breast massaging and combing..


How to Prevent Breast Cancer -I (Breast Milk and Period Relationship)

To understand breast cancer, first of all, let’s explore a concept before we discuss more. Not many people including some doctors know this myth.  According to the famous ancient Chinese medicine biological and physiology theory book <<Nei Jing>> ( 内经), breast milk is of the same source of period.  Most women…

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Scientific?

Many people asks and questions this:  is traditional Chinese medicine scientific?   It’s interesting that even Wikipedia states:”TCM theory and practice are not based upon scientific knowledge….”  Well, it’s understandable why Wikipedia says so.  After all,  it is drafted by some people who might have their own understanding of Chinese medicine.  Let’s explore this a bit…


BBC News-Royal Baby: William and Kate Present Daughter to the World

It was such a happy moment with the birth of the royal baby, for prince William and his wife Kate, for United Kingdom and for the world. Click here to read more and watch the BBC video , also to learn why the first month after birth is so important from traditional Chinese medicine point of view

Find Out Why You Should Dump Your Vitamin Pills

Today while I was driving,  I heard this news titled:  Dietary Supplements May Increase Your Risks of Cancer. As I mentioned in my article ” How to Boost Your Immune System Effectively by Traditional Chinese Medicine”,  true Chinese medicine doctors do believe vitamins can boost cancer cell growth.   Click to watch the video and read more…

TCM Unveils Dandelion Myth II: Where to Get and how to Prepare and Cook Dandelion?

Where to Get Dandelion Safely?Dandelion is seen almost everywhere in North America.    In the parks or fields or under bushes where I live in Ontario,  you can find dandelions easily.   One thing you need to pay attention to is the safety : make sure there is no pesticide or pollution. Read more

TCM Unveils Dandelion Myth I: Why Chinese People Eat Dandelion?

You might notice that in every early spring, a lot of Chinese people dig dandelion to eat. You might wonder why? Is it due to the taste or anything else?   You might have heard that traditional Chinese medicine is based on and very synchronized with nature. Read more

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

This BBC documentary video by professor Kathy Sykes from UK showed your very objectively the miracles people are experiencing by acupuncture.  Click here to read more.


Doctors On Strike,  Death Rate Dropped Sharply!

Have you ever questioned what your doctors told you?       The very objective article written by Sarah C. Corriher might prompt you to rethink about western medicine….Ready More


Do You Want to Know Why Elijah Sleep-Walked?

It’s such a heart-broken story about Elijah, the three year old Toronto boy who wandered outside in the cold weather during night and was found lying on the ground. While the frigid moments of the cute boy are still being told, a question has been raised: why could he walk out? Read more