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In my last post, I have mentioned about constipation.  There are different root causes of constipation which will be covered in later remedies for each root cause type and its acupressure and herbal/diet treatment method.   But regardless which kind, you can quickly and temporarily relieve the symptoms by only a few acupressure points.  You can click here to view again.  In today’s post, I am going to share with you the solution of bowel movement difficulty.

What is the Cause of Bowel Movement Difficulty?

Some people ask me what if you are already sitting on the toilet and you feel the urge to do it but the stool just won’t easily come out?  Simply we put bowel movement difficulty.

This kind of issue normally happen to elder people.  It could also happen to any other age group if they are some chronic health issue, including kids.   According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory,  spleen and kidney Qi deficiency will cause the difficulty of bowel movement.  To put in simple words,  there is not enough Qi energy to push the bowel movement.   In addition to large intestine function itself, kidney is the organ that governs urination and defecation process.

Which Acupressure Points Can Relieve Bowel Movement Difficulty?

While you are sitting on the toilet and there is difficulty to get stool out, you can try the following acupressure points:

Shen Shu (BL23), Qi Hai Shu (BL24), Da Chang Shu (BL25), Jing Men (GB25)

Back ShenShu -for bowel movement

Shen Shu (BL23), Qi Hai Shu (BL24), Da Chang Shu (BL25) plus Jing Men (GB25) to resolve bowel movement difficulty









Instead of trying to find each individual points, you can also just put your thumb around Jing Men TuiFu Step 3(DB25) – edge of the rib area,  and put the other four fingers around the lower back.  Just massage with a bit force.   You can also incorporate a bit TuiFu  (massage clockwise around the belly button) as shown in the chart.


The following short video clip shows you the lower back acupressure massage to get the bowel movement difficulty resolved  – simple and quick.   Normally within  2-3 minutes you should feel the stool movement.

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