Can TCM help? Early Christmas Parade for the 7-year-old boy-Terminally Ill due to Brain Cancer


CTV, CBC, 680 News all reported about the early Christmas parade for the terminally ill 7-year-old boy Evan Leversage who has been suffering from brain tumor with no possible cure according to the doctors.  It is a heartbroken story, but the small town of St. George is filled with love and warmth as all the friends, neighbours, strangers volunteered to organize this special event.

It is reporte that there seems no other option by western medical doctor.  I am not sure whether Evan’s mother Nicole Wellwood has ever tried or thought of trying any traditional Chinese medicine treatment.   Since there is no other hope, why not find a good TCM doctor and try.  Or even, she can learn about such natural and holistic medicine and help her son at home with acupressure, moxibustion and diet combination.  It’s never be easy, but it’s not impossible if she is determined.  I have seen so many parents who are not doctors but they were so determined to learn all the holistic and natural treatment and eventually saved their own kids.

Before I talk about more about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), let’s watch the CTV video reporting about the Christmas parade for the 7-year-old boy.

What Are the Possible Causes of Brain Tumor in Young Kids?

Although there are other possibilities, according to the famous late Dr. Ni HaiXia who has cured all kinds of cancer including brain tumors by using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and a few other TCM doctor as well as my own child experience,  immunization plays a big role in all kinds of young children’s health problems, including cancer, lupus, autism, and other serious issues.  It is believed by these doctors that immunization could damage the inborn immune system and instead of boosting it, it is really suppressing it.   The heavy mental such as mercury in the immunization doses could also poison their fragile organ systems such as heart and kidney.  There is no proof – or most likely there could never be any proof of such harm as all the labs are really supported by and servicing these big pharmaceutical companies who are producing such vaccine medicine.   Anyway, I hope all moms or to be moms just bear this in mind.  I know it’s hard not to do immunization here even if you don’t want your kids to do so, it’s somehow required by school board or other health department.   One practical and realistic suggestion I want to give you is : never do 2 immunization needles together.  Separate them at least by one month apart if no more.  Just try to avoid damaging the baby’s fragile organ systems.

I personally believe TCM could help a lot.  I strongly suggest Evan’s mother could search around of any good TCM doctors nearby.  And I believe acupressure-ShaoErTruiNa (少儿推拿) ( for younger kids, very different from adult acupuncture or acupressure points or method) , reflexology points on hand and feet, moxibustion (promoting yang Qi flow which could help water circulation hence less accumulation environment in brain), and some diet adjustment could help.   But for now, it’s better to take Evan to a TCM doctor and ask, or treatment at TCM clinic plus self help at home.

My best wishes to Evan and his family.

Anyone who is interested in or believe in holistic or , or  just doubt about western medicine treatment, is more than welcome to visit my website to check my posts.  More TCM knowledge and information will be posted.














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