Common Cold and Coughing- Easily Treatable by Acupressure

Now in northern countries or areas,  autumn starts to kick in.   During such seasonal transitioning period, especially from warmer weather to cooler temperature,  a lot of people especially kids will easily get cold.   There are different causes of cold and influenza.   But when this kind warm-cold weather transition mostly caused Common Wind-cold or Cold type.

Main Symptoms or Complaints of Common Wind-Cold or Just Common Cold Type:

No sweating, severe aversion to cold,  clear nasal discharge, headache, nasal obstruction, possible mild fever, sneezing, and general body pain, some people might also have coughing

Causes of Common Cold (with or without Coughing)

According to traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic theory,  wind and cold attacked from exterior and obstructed ed the defensive Yang Qi, blocked the skin striae and affected the lung-qi’s dispersing

Treatment Principle according to Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Either using acupuncture/acupressure or herbal medicine or even cupping,  the basic principle is to let out the defensive yang Qi which will then bring the wind and cold out of the body, through mild sweatingFengChi (GB20)

Acupressure Points to Treat Common Cold and Coughing:

Apply acupressure on the following points  (you can click each one with the link to find the location of each acupressure point):

FengChi (GB20), Dazhui (GV14), FengMen (BL12), FeiShu(BL13), ZhongFu (LU1), YunMen(LU2), LieQue (LU7), HeGu(LI14)


Apply on these points especially those around the skull and neck/shoulder area for about 10-15 minutes.  Use your palm to push downwards along the patient’s back ( Bladder points) from neck/shoulder area to the lower back area (Pls. refer to the chart on the right side below) .  This is called back TuiNa, which could quickly boost the yang Qi in

Push along the Bladder meridian points to boost the yang Qi to defend

Push along the Bladder meridian points to boost the yang Qi to defend

the body.  Once you feel the patient gets slight sweating, especially around neck and upper body, nasal congestion gets relieved, you can then stop and let the patient rest.  Drink some warm water, and try to avoid shower or any activity that could cause any new wind or cold.

Dietary Recommendation for Common Cold:

At the beginning of the problem, you can also boil 3-4 slices of ginger with a bit of brown sugar (made from sugar cane) for about 30 minutes. Cool the water down a little bit.  Drink while it’s still very warm.  Try to get a bit sweating and rest.

Also, as mentioned in one of my previous posts, when a person is sick, his immune system (or stomach and spleen system according to traditional Chinese medicine) is functioning low.   So it’s recommended not to eat anything fried, cold, spicy, greasy.  Try to take small amount of plain food, best like plain rice congee.

I hope this remedy could help you quickly.  I would appreciate that you leave a comment as to how it help you or your loved ones.   You can follow me on facebook







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