Does Immunization/Vaccination Really Work?

It’s Flu Season! Have You Ever Questioned About Immunization or Vaccination?

Recently I heard of news reporting about the nasal spray of flu vaccine for Children to avoid any needle pain.  Comparing with traditional needle flu shot, this is a more considerate format of flu vaccine for younger kids.  While you are searching around the vaccination or immunization schedule, have you ever asked yourself a question:  Do these influenza vaccines or any other types of vaccine, in whatever formats or types, really help?  Instead of boosting your immune system, could it in reality suppress it?

Why Some TCM Doctors don’t Really Support Immunization or Vaccination?

Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine really have two totally different philosophy of virus treatment including influenza.  Western medicine (WM) is developing all kinds of immunisation vaccines,  hoping to trigger your body to generate the antibody so as to kill these viruses.  Sounds reasonable.   But here I want to raise two questions for you to think about: how fast a virus can mutate to adapt? According to some research, they are much smarter and change to adapt much faster than the speed of any vaccine human beings can make.  Also some knowledgeable TCM doctors believe  that vaccines damage your body immune system instead of boosting it.   Life itself is a miracle.  Our human body is designed in such a intricacy that only our creator could truly understand.  A lot of lab testing might not be the whole picture – for example, how they measure or prove that such vaccinations will not cause your inborn immune system weakness?  Even some WM doctors also suspect of vaccination side-effect.

Comparatively, TCM holds very different theory and treatment methods.  It is believed that it’s really your own body that can cure yourself.  So the method by TCM is to boost your own immune system to react according to its own designed course of competency and ways to expel or kill the virus.  So any TCM treatment is aiming to balance your body yin and yang, all organ systems so your body could have strong immune system to defend and fight against any virus.


What You Can Easily Do at Home to Help Prevent and Treat Common Cold or Influenza By Applying These Simple TCM Based Acupressure and Dietary Remedies Instead of the Useless Immunization/Vaccinations?

Regardless whether the disease is called common cold or influenza, as long as the symptoms are the same, the treatment should be similar as well FengChi (GB20)according to TCM diagonosis.   It’s the seasonal changing time.  It’s the nature evil that is causing so many people to get sick altogether.

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