How to Prevent Breast Cancer -II (Breast Massage and Combing) 1

How to Prevent Breast Cancer – Breast Massage and Combing

In my last post,  I mentioned that breast milk is of the same source of period.   Why this concept is important? 

Since breast milk is period, you need to make sure the breast milk is either sucked totally by the baby (it doesn’t breast milk duct, breast cancermean one time suction, it could mean days or months of continuous feeding.  As long as there is no ultimate accumulation ) or it is flushed out through period properly.   If for any reason there is any leftover and blockage in the milk duct,  it will start to cause abnormal growth: from benign lumps which might be smooth and a bit painful, to tumors.

Prevent Breast Cancer – Strengthen Heart and Lung Function

To complete the process of breast milk to period,  heart and lung play an important role.  So you need to think ways to strength heart and lung function, such as being happy and positive, not to worry, exercises, good sleep, stress relief etc..

Prevent Breast Cancer -Manage Emotional Stress

Emotional stress plays a big role in breast cancer, like other types of cancer.   Anger, resentment, worrisome, lonely feeling, overthinking, stress, etc. will all affect your health.  Listen to healing music,  do regular exercises such as walking, hiking or swimming, go to church if you can,  meditate, cook healthy and tasty dishes, read self-help self-encouragement books.  Anything that can help you relieve your stress or negative emotion and can make you happy and positive is recommended.   You can also sign up for your TCM free articles and videos to help you manage your stress.

Prevent Breast Cancer – Breast Massage and Combing

According to traditional Chinese medicine meridian and channel theory,  there are 11 channel, meridians or extra channel and vessels passing around the breast area.  Any of the meridian having Qi stagnant could cause the duct blockage.

blocked milk duct, breast cancerTo effectively remove any milk blockage from milk duct, traditional Chinese medicine doctors recommend the combing and massage around breast area.  While you can do anytime,  it is especially recommended during the one week before your period comes.  While it’s best to be done by a male partner due to Chinese medicine Yin-Yang theory, you can also just do gentle massage by yourself.  Use your fingers to comb along milk duct.   Do 20-30 minutes every day during this special week just before the normal period.

This massage and combing method is to make sure any blocked milk get out and be flushed down through period.  So there would be no accumulation which might mutate to breast cancer down the road.

Stay tuned for next post regarding breast cancer prevention….



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