How to Prevent Breast Cancer- III (Stop Doing Mammogram)

Prevent Breast Cancer – Stop doing Screening Mammogram

Almost every family doctor will recommend you to do yearly mammogram to take an x-ray picture of your breast and never warns you of any negative concerns. And most women will follow suits without much thinking of the possible risks.  Why some traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors tell you not to do it?

Mammogram Process Could Cause More Milk Duct Damage and Blockage and X-ray Radiation Could Help Cancer Grow

While the declared purpose of the mammogram is to do screening to detect abnormal tissue growth such as cancerous tumor,  mammogram screening itself wouldMammogram cause more damage to the breast milk duct or tissue due to its aggressive and painful squeezing of breast tissues.  On top of that, X-ray radiation could help cancer grow . If you have done this before, you will know what I am talking about.

Every year, millions of women are advised to get a mammogram without any warning whatsoever of the hazards of being exposed to its cancer causing x-rays. What’s even worse is that woman are being brainwashed into believing that a yearly mammography is necessary. However, studies have shown that taking a mammogram on an annual basis may in fact increase your risk of developing cancer.

Radiation expert and nuclear physicist, Dr. John Gofman, concluded in his book that medical radiation was not only responsible for 60% of all general cases of cancer but that it was the cause for 83% of all breast cancer cases.

As mentioned in my last post,  breast milk is period.  The best way to prevent breast cancer is to do massage and combing one week before your period to make sure all the breast milk are emptied from the milk ducts.

Have You Thought of This- 1/3 of Cancer Patients Are Scared to Death?

There is a famous saying about cancer patients in Chinese:  1/3 of people are scared to death, 1/3 of people are poisoned to death due to toxic chemo and radiation therapy.  Only 1/3 of patients really die from cancer.

Once breast cancer (or any other cancer) is detected,  it’s like a death sentence just in front of you.  Most people cannot stand this emotionally.  As they are more worried and scared, their kidney (life essence) and lung system will not function well from TCM point of view.  Hence it will get the whole situation worse.   That’s why we say 1/3 of people are already scared to death.

Mindset plays an important role in breast cancer or any other cancer treatment.  Having an informed understanding of breast cancer and positive attitude is very necessary.

According to the famous TCM doctor Ni, HaiXia, breast cancer is due to the milk blockage.  With years of accumulation, the blocked milk will start to be calcified.  If you feel the pain of any lumps, it’s not cancer.  It’s more like mastitis.  Massage or combing, and moxibustion should help relieve.  Once the calcified cell or tissues mutate, it will become cancerous.

According to ancient Chinese medicine book recording, patients with breast cancer (in ancient Chinese medicine book it’s called breast rock by word translation) can survive average of 14 years without any treatment.  Their life quality won’t be affected much, except the smell at later stage when the cancer area is ulcerous and rotted.

A Story That Might Inspire You

There is a cancer patient in his 50’s.  His specialist one day told him that he only has 6 months to live and advise him to arrange whatever needs to be arranged.  So this man sold his property and used the money to take his wife to tour around the world.   Once he returned after 6 months to check, to his surprise, his cancer is gone.  He cured himself.

The story tells you how important the good emotion and positive mindset are in the treatment of cancer (actually in a lot of health problems).

There are a lot of other self-cured cancer patients in China too.  They either do TCM exercises or find the TCM medicine prescription and studied and tried by themselves.   Some simply healed just by talking to themselves.  I always believe human beings are created with huge self healing power.

Even you suspect you had cancer, don’t panic.  It will not take your life in a few years.  You have time to readjust your life and maybe change some bad musichabit. Search around and find an accredited TCM doctor or any other reputable natural therapist to help adjust your body system holistically and naturally.  Always believe in yourself.  And believe that you can learn the knowledge to be your own doctor (I will post more TCM health information and release more home remedies that you can use).  Maintain a positive attitude and tell yourself it’s curable.  Even your own strong will power and meditation could do .  Be happy. Do some forest hiking. Get some spiritual power whichever way you find comfortable.  Listen to healing and soothing music- there are good healing music under








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