May Elijah’s Soul Be In Peace

It’s such a heart-broken story about Elijah, the three year old Toronto boy who wandered outside in the cold weather during night and was found lying on the ground.

The cute, warm Elijah

The cute, warm Elijah

While the frigid moments of the cute boy are still being told, a question has been raised: why could he walk out? The following might help explain.

Some people might have heard of sleep walking. From traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) point of view, it’s due to liver or lung problem. “肝藏魂,肺藏魄”. Not sure of the exact translation, liver and lung conceals soul. According to TCM 12 time segments of Qi and blood flow theory, during 1-3am , Qi and blood is supposed to go to liver, and 3-5am they flow to lung (refer to the charts below). When there is inefficiency, especially for kids due to their development stage, it will cause sleep walking.

TCM timetable

12 time segment of Qi and blood flow

 chinese -table










It happened to me as well when I was 3-4 years old, as per my mom. We were living in the countryside at that time. There was a special heated earth bed called “Kang” in northern China. On one side of the “Kang”, we cultivated sweet potato sprouts with a patch of wet sand enclosed in bricks. We slept on the other bigger side of the “Kang”. During one night, I woke up and walked in the wet sand patch back and forth and then laid down again to sleep without knowing anything or anyone noticing. It was the second morning when my mom saw my dirty feet and the footprints in the sand patch that she realized that I sleep-walked.

It’s useless to regret such a happening. My advice for all parents with kids is to learn from this tragedy and add an extra lock on top of the your door so the younger kids cannot easily unlock and go out.

May Elijah’s soul be in peace.

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