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Is Heart Attack Predictable or Preventable?

The weather is getting cold which makes the blood vessel in your body getting tight.  Very often you hear sad news saying that someone just died of sudden heart attack.   So most people would think that heart attack happens in a sudden and have no way to predict or know.   Is it really so?

Actually, that’s not true.   It is true that the advanced machine won’t be able to tell you whether you suffer from heart attack until when it is really happening.   But in most cases,  it is too late when you wait until the machine can tell you because your heart has already deteriorated to the limit. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis theory,  any heart disease will show some symptoms long time even years ago:  such as insomnia,  chest fullness, short of breath, palpation (including irregular heart beats), sharp chest pain, pressing pain around Spine-DuMai (督脉)the 4-5th vertabra, etc.   Also experienced TCM doctor or practitioner will also be able to tell how well the heart is functioning through pulsing.  Once you experience such heart problem symptoms,  proper actions need to be taken to optimize or boost your heart function through dietary change, exercises, acupuncture, acupressure remedies, herbal remedies or any of other natural treatment to prevent.

One Single Acupressure Point to Prevent Heart Attack!

Although complete TCM diagnosis and optimal treatment plan is recommended,  today I want to introduce you one important acupressure point that can help boost your heart function and prevent any heart disease or heart failure or heart attack.   It’s called NeiGuan (PC6).

NeiGuan (PC6) acupressure point

NeiGuan (PC6) acupressure point

This acupressure point is very easy to find.  It is located 2 cun (about 3 finger width) above your wrist, in the middle of your inner arm (medial side of the forearm), between the two big ligments.   One acupressure point on each forearm.  Please refer to the picture.

How to Do The Acupressure on NeiGuan (PC6) to Prevent Heart Attack?

Cut your nail so it is not so sharp.  Then press the point using the nail/finger tip of your thumb.  You normally can feel the special numbing pain sensation.  If at night time or in a very quiet place, when you press it for a few minutes, very often you can hear the bubbling sound in your chest area,  along your diaphragm, or abdominal area.  This is related with meridian channel pathway and qi flow.   We have a Chinese saying,  when qi flows,  blood will go with it.  When the qi and blood flow through properly,  it will promote good circulation in and out of the heart, including blood vessel in or around the heart.   That’s why it can help prevent heart attack.

This acupressure point is good for any heart disease or heart related problem.  It’s an interesting effect of some special point such as NeiGuan (PC6) that it can balance the deficiency and excess.  So you don’t need to worry whether it’s really supplementing or reducing the yin or yang or qi.   This point has special function to adjust by itself.  And there is almost no side effect and very safe to press.

Don’t wait until you experience the heart attack!  Most likely it will be too late.   You can press this point daily to avoid any heart issue and save your own life.

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5 thoughts on “One Single Acupressure Point Can Save You from Heart Attack!

  • S.P,Sharma

    I got this link from my dear one and I am impressed,I will try to practice it preferably -on a regular basis -save that we normally do not care about the GOD unless we are in severe crisis-,however it may be just that on few initial days it will be on regular basis.

  • sanjiv kumar

    thank you for sharing this important point. In India now heart attack and Diabetes are becoming more common. you Blog will definitely save many lives. God bless you

  • Post author

    Thank you for your nice word. I am encouraged to continue my mission to share valuable self diagnosis and treatment method to better the health of all human kind out of my limited time.