Toronto Former Mayor Rob Ford Died of Cancer? Or Is it Really So?

680 News, CBC News – Rob Ford Died at the Age of 46.  Cancer? I feel very sad to hear that Toronto former mayor Rob Ford passed away yesterday.  He is one of the few mayors that I admire who has the bravity and tenacity to cut governmental costs.  CBC […]

Well educated and experienced WM doctor

Why Did the Top Western Medicine Doctor Say that We should Give Up WM

Are You A Western Medicine Believer? This might change your way of thinking… Below is the article by a well educated western medicine doctor reasoning why we should abandon western medicine(WM).  It’s a long article.  so I only translated the main contents as the following: I am a western medicine doctor […]

One Myth You Have to Know About Ginger- TCM

A lot of people like ginger.  It is considered an important spice and very healthy too.   But do you know if it is eaten improperly, it could harm you instead of helping your body? When to Eat Ginger? There is a famous Chinese saying:  If ginger is taken is the morning, […]

Ginger Root

One Single Acupressure Point Can Save You from Heart Attack! 5

Is Heart Attack Predictable or Preventable? The weather is getting cold which makes the blood vessel in your body getting tight.  Very often you hear sad news saying that someone just died of sudden heart attack.   So most people would think that heart attack happens in a sudden and have no way […]

Does Immunization/Vaccination Really Work?

It’s Flu Season! Have You Ever Questioned About Immunization or Vaccination? Recently I heard of news reporting about the nasal spray of flu vaccine for Children to avoid any needle pain.  Comparing with traditional needle flu shot, this is a more considerate format of flu vaccine for younger kids.  While you are searching […]