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Eye Vision Correction – Acupressure Eye Exercise Remedy


Do you worry about your child’s eyesight after hours of gaming or internet browsing? Do you want to quickly relax your eyes after long time reading or sitting in front of a computer?

This Acupressure Remedy-7 Step Simple Eye Exercises is particularly designed by ClickTCMtm based on acupuncture points and traditional Chinese medicine Qi and Blood theory.    It can be applied anytime, anywhere without any restriction.    It is suitable for anyone who wants to relax eyes and improve their vision, especially those children who are heavily involved with online gaming or electronic devices.

If your kids are scared of acupuncture needle or don’t like the needling sensation, this remedy is the best solution.

Get rid of inconvenient eye glasses or irritating contact lenses.  Life without eye glasses is definitely different!  The best present you can give to your children for a fraction cost of a toy or one acupuncture treatment!  Save money, benefit generations!

Endorsed by Optometrists to be effective in treating eye vision issue – (near-sightedness or far-sightedness).  Effective in any eye relaxation.  Helpful in all other eye problem.

Downloadable E-product.   Get started in a minute!

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Eye Vision Correction – Acupressure Eye Exercise Remedy


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