Q&A – Acupressure

Q1:  Is Acupressure Safe:

A1:  Yes, acupressure is generally considered safe.  Since no acupuncture needle is applied, it doesn’t have any danger to damage any organ or tissues.  However, the diagnosis behind the application of acupressure is important, since there is supplement and reducing, and for which organ, or tissue, or meridian itself, etc.  For example, if you are lacking Qi, you need to use the acupressure points which can tonify or supplement Qi.  If your problem is due to liver, and you are using lung acupressure points, sometimes it could go to the wrong direction.  So it’s important that you know the symptoms behind.  But don’t worry, we will put all the reason, diagnosis, symptoms behind each acupressure and cupping remedy.

Q2: Is Acupressure Suitable for Any Age?

A2: Yes. Acupressure is generally suitable for any age.  But for baby and toddlers (normally below 4 years old),  they have their special protection life system.  Normally TuiNa is more suitable, such as NieJi (捏脊), MoFu (摩腹), Hand and Arm TuiNa (手臂推拿). etc.

Q3: Can Acupressure Cure Serious Problems?

A3: Absolutely.  Acupressure is not only quick in pain treatment, it is also effective in any internal issue treatment, including serious and chronic health problems.  But the correct diagnosis is very important and the guided treatment (such as points combinations, other dietary and herbal supplement, etc) is very necessary.  It will normally take much longer, as the root problem might be of years and years of pathogenic accumulation.  Keep checking my posts to understand each of such problems better.