Common Cold and Coughing- Easily Treatable by Acupressure

Now in northern countries or areas,  autumn starts to kick in.   During such seasonal transitioning period, especially from warmer weather to cooler temperature,  a lot of people especially kids will easily get cold.   There are different causes of cold and influenza.   But when this kind warm-cold weather transition mostly caused […]

Push along the Bladder meridian points to boost the yang Qi to defend

Traditonal Chinese Medicine Time Table

Do You Want to Get Rid of Constipation – Acupressure and Diet Remedies

What is Constipation? Normally a person should have bowel movement every day, preferable early in the morning according to 12 time segment Qi and Blood aggregation theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) (refer to the picture on the right).  Due to specific situation, e.g. kids cannot wake up early, don’t feel […]

TCM Unveils Dandelion Myth II: Where to Get and how to Prepare and Cook Dandelion? 2

In my last post,  you might have already learnt why Chinese people eat dandelion in spring and what’s the benefit of dandelion.   If you missed it and want to read, here is the link  Dandelion benefits. Where to Get Dandelion Safely? Dandelion is seen almost everywhere in North America.    In […]

dandelion leaves

Meridian points -back chart

Does Acupuncture Really Work? BBC Documentary Video Unveils The Miracles of Acupuncture

This is a BBC documentary video by professor Kathy Sykes from UK. Through the real clinical observation and organized lab tests, she provided very objective view about acupuncture. Although the myth of why and how acupuncture works still remain to be explored, she concluded that acupuncture for sure works. It’s […]