TCM Unveils Dandelion Myth II: Where to Get and how to Prepare and Cook Dandelion? 2

dandelion leaves

dandelion in the park

In my last post,  you might have already learnt why Chinese people eat dandelion in spring and what’s the benefit of dandelion.   If you missed it and want to read, here is the link  Dandelion benefits.

Where to Get Dandelion Safely?

Dandelion is seen almost everywhere in North America.    In the parks or fields or under bushes where I live in Ontario,  you can find dandelions easily.   One thing you need to pay attention to is the safety : make sure there is no pesticide or pollution around.   You can call your local park administration office (government office) to find out whether any pesticide is used.   Our local government seems very concerned with environment and no pesticide has been used in any parks for more than 5 years.

edible dandelion green

planted Dandelion at backyard

You can also plant or pick the random ones from your own backyard when you are sure of the safe environment.

How to Prepare Dandelion?

Different part of a vegetable has different function.  While you can eat whole,  in spring, most Chinese people eat leaves only as they are corresponding to the season of spring and green in color according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).



Here are two very short videos I made showing you how to prepare dandelion:

How to Eat Dandelions:

There are so many ways to consume dandelions.   Most Chinese people use them to boil soup, make dumplings, use as salad, or just lightly fry using garlic as they fry other green vegetables.

Here is another short video showing you one simple yet very healthy way to eat dandelions:


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