TED Talk – TCM Acupuncture by Charmian Wylde from Youtoube Video -Infertility

I came across a video promoting acupuncture so I would like to share with you.   I am not sure of the actual Chinese medicine foundation and clinical expertise of Charmian Wylde, but at least she is telling you some of the wonders that acupuncture can do.   As a traditional Chinese medicine believer, practitioner and promoter, I am very glad that a westerner could believe in TCM treatment over western medicine.  Unfortunately a lot of great TCM doctors don’t know English.  So I hope gradually I could introduce you more and more true Traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical practice cases so you can benefit even by your own home treatment.   You will be amazed how the complicated health problems such as  cancers, heart disease, allergy, high blood pressure, lupus, kidney failure, diabetes, etc. are completely cured by traditional Chinese medicine.

Talking about infertility, it’s a treatable problem with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) either acupuncture/acupressure, moxibustion or herbal treatment method unless if there is some other congenital problems- which could only be left with God.  There are different causes of infertility, such as coldness in either women’s uterus, or men’s JingGou;  or it could be stagnations, such as Qi and blood,  or it could be Qi and Blood or Yang deficiency.  It could be related with Liver, or Kidney or spleen, etc.  So the right treatment has to be based on the right TCM diagnosis.

I will post more syndrome diagnosis based on different signs and symptoms as well as home remedies.  Stay tuned.

But before that, enjoy the TED talk video by Charmian Wylde – the wonder of Chinese medicine.


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