Toronto Former Mayor Rob Ford Died of Cancer? Or Is it Really So?

680 News, CBC News – Rob Ford Died at the Age of 46.  Cancer?

I feel very sad to hear that Toronto former mayor Rob Ford passed away yesterday.  He is one of the few mayors that I admire who has the bravity and tenacity to cut governmental costs.  CBC news report well summarized him as  , “Millionaire with working-class attitude, cost-cutting crusader who favoured subway expansion”.  He is only 46 years old!   My condolences to the family.

Is He Really Died of Cancer Itself?

When I heard of some news saying that the former mayor died of cancer,  I ask myself : Is it really so?  In my other post,  I relayed an article which mentioned that about 1/3 of cancer patients really died of fear, 1/3 of cancer patients died of medical toxins, and only 1/3 of such patients really died of cancer disease itself.   I believe all the western medicine doctors are very professional and had tried whatever they could do to save a patient’s life. But sometimes maybe we need to ask ourselves: Is this really the best treatment direction for cancer or any other systematic health problem?

Are There Any Other Choices for Cancer Treatment?

I am a holistic traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believer.  And I advocate for TCM treatment or self care and self healing based on TCM holistic theory.  Regardless of which treatment method, the eventual healing power comes from the patient himself.  Instead of western medicine confronting and aggressive body intrusion treatment, TCM method emphasizes more on the internal environment optimization,  based on the systematic yet comprehensive diagnosis and appropriate TCM treatment.  On top of everything, TCM emphasizes the spiritual and habitual changes based on specific diagnosis.  Although not a single human doctor can heal every disease as such power only resides with God, comparatively I would recommend TCM treatment to all cancer patients.  Why there is cancer? In simple words, it’s because there is garbage and toxins in your body either due to internal factor such as mental stress, eating habit or external factors such as coldness.   If you just dismantle the lump or even kill them, but the internal environment remains unchanged,  it will come back, one day or later.   So do you think it makes more sense to change your internal body environment than just trying to kill the cancer cells which might kill yourself at the same time?

If next time such choices are before you,  what would be your judgement and decision? I think to answer any question, you have to equip yourself with the right knowledge plus common sense.  It’s my goal to pass more TCM knowledge to all the people who need it to help them make right health choice.

So join me and learn more about TCM holistic diagnosis and self healing, either through cupping, acupressure,  moxibustion, herbal tea or formula or just special exercises such as TCM meditation and qi going, etc..   You can live a healthy and quality life even it’s diagnosed as incurable problem by western medicine method.



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