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Are you or any of your family members suffering from headaches, migraines, backaches, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis?  Does your child easily gets cold or flu or coughing?   Do you have chronic fatigue, or any stomach issue, such as acid reflux? Do you have any heart problem?  How about high blood pressure , asthma or diabetes, or even cancer?  Or do you want to boost your sexual ability to improve your relationship?

Welcome to Click TCM – a click away to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).   Whatever your issue is,   TCM is your ultimate solution.   Either through special TCM exercises,  dietary remedies, acupressure, reflexology massage, moxibustion, cupping therapies , herbal remedies or other TCM related health products,  you can be equipped with right knowledge to understand the root cause and do self-care holistic treatment at home.  All the profound theories will be explained in laymen language so you can understand and apply easily. Herbals2

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 Mission of Click TCM

The mission of ClickTCM is to provide you with valuable information about traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis theory and effective home remedies or quality products to better your health.  Through articles and videos,  Click TCM is committed to promote tradition Chinese medicine to every family in the world to help improve the wellness and fitness for every human kind.

Is Heart Attack Preventable?

Very often you hear sad news saying that someone just died of sudden heart attack.   So most people would think that heart attack happens in a sudden and have no way to predict or know.   Actually, that’s not true.   It is true that the advanced machine won’t tell you that whether you suffer from heart 5 element chartattack until when it is really happening.   But in most cases,  it is too late when you wait until the machine can tell you because your heart has already deteriorated to the limit. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis theory,  any heart issue will show some symptoms long time ago:  such as insomnia,  chest numbness,  sharp chest pain, pressing pain around Spin -DuMai (督脉)the 4-5th vertabra, etc.   Also experienced TCM doctor or practitioner will also be able to tell through pulsing.  Once you experience such heart problem symptoms,  proper actions need to be taken to optimize or boost your heart function through dietary change, exercises, acupuncture, acupressure remedies, herbal remedies or any of other natural treatment to prevent heart attack.

Will High Blood Pressure Medicine Cure You or Harm you?

If you visit a family doctor for high blood pressure issue and ask him what’s the reason of getting high blood pressure,   most likely he will tell you either you have inherited this problem or you are getting elder.   If he doesn’t really know the reason,  how can you expect the medicine that he gives you will cure or help you?   And yet you will be told to take for your whole life. According to traditional Chinese medicine,  more than 90% of high blood pressure is caused by kidney malfunction.  Of course,  some might be caused by heart issue or other reasons which need to be diagnosed per person to determine.

TCM dianosis process

TCM diagnosis process: Look-Ask-Listen-Pulse

If you take high blood medicine (normally there are two types of medicine:  one to open up your heart blood vessel, the other diuretics),  it is really telling your body : “relax your kidney or heart, I will take over your job”.   Since most high blood pressure problems are caused by kidney issue, instead of trying to restore or boost its function,  the medicine is telling the kidney to stop functioning.   Do you see the danger down the road?  Your kidney and your heart will further deteriorate and stop functioning eventually.  Anyone who is taking such medicine can ask yourself:  after you took the medicine, how is your sexual drive or function?  How is your mood? As your sexual drive or mood is closely related with the function of kidney and heart.

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Why Is Western Medicine Still Struggling with Virus?

Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine really have two totally different philosophy of virus or other treatment (including cancer).  While

Acupressure points

Meridian and acupuncture points in the top front

western medicine is really very confronting,  Chinese medicine is more friendly and strategic.  A lot of people might have already heard that Chinese medicine emphasizes on body environment optimization.

Image a kid gets into your house by mistake,  western medicine will get the gun and kill the kid without asking why he came by mistake.   The father of the killed kid will get very mad and seek revenge.   So he might kill your kid due to anger.   Now you can see the confronting situation started and will get worse by generations.    That’s exactly how western medicine treats virus and bacteria and that’s how virus mutate much faster than any medicine research and production.   The new names of virus keep coming out each year and are getting more and more fancier and scarier and medicine resistant.

Chinese medicine holds very different opinion and solution for the same situation.    He will ask why the kid came by mistake.  Maybe the kids was simply attracted by the tempting smell.  Instead of killing him,  he will invite him to get out of his house.  It’s that simple.   So for thousands of years,   the same treatment method either through acupuncture/acupressure, scrapping, cupping, dietary or through herbal prescription has always remained the same and effective as it was.   Because regardless of what kind of kids came into the house,  the basic theory is the same : to invite him out. Does this make sense to you?

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How About Cancer?

Also regarding cancer or other bacteria treatment.  Let’s visualize a clear river with all fishes swimming.  Then people start to pour all kinds of garbage into the river and blocked the inflow and outflow.   Now the river turns into a dirty ditch, which invites all kinds of flies or mosquitos.   How to get rid of the flies or mosquitos?

Western medicine will pour all kinds of chemicals or poisons to kill them.   While these bugs or flies might being killed,  the fishes in it are poisoned too.   The fish is like your normal and good cells and mosquitos or flies are like cancer cells or other abnormal cells in your body.   If the fishes got killed first,  it means you will be dead.   If fortunately the fishes have stronger resistance to the poison than the bugs,  the bugs are all killed.   You can lucky and maybe you survived the poison and can live for a few more years.   But as long the dirty ditches are there,  some other new bugs with more chemical resistance power will come by.  The result?

Why could traditional Chinese medicine cure all kinds of weird health problem including cancer?   As mentioned before,  Chinese medicine emphasises on the environment improvement instead of confronting the bad stuff directly.  Instead of trying to kill the mosquitos or bugs,  Chinese medicine will try to get water inflow and outflow back to normal condition.  And it will increase the water inflow capacity from its source to help flush the dirt out quickly. Once fresh water comes in and dirty water flows out,  the river will be clear again and fishes will grow and produce normally.  And all the bugs or mosquitos will automatically fly away.  Does this sound a better solution?

Of course, the theory sounds easy, but the skills required are more sophisticated.   But you can get the idea why traditional Chinese medicine can and will be your ultimate solution.    If you are interested to equip yourself with more TCM knowledge,  please sign up for your free articles or videos.


Learning and Practising


What About Diabetes? High Sugar Level? What Would Happen If You Take Insulin?

Most doctors said type I diabetes is inherited,  but some TCM doctors suspect that this might be related with immunization side effect.  Similar controversial questions like whether immunization could cause autism, or other issues such as tumor,  might not be easily identified or answered.  Let’s just explore type II diabetes as it is deemed more diet or habitual problem.

What does high sugar level mean?   Western medicine and Chinese medicine hold two totally different views and treatments.  

TCM timetable

12 time segment of Qi and blood flow

Imagine there are two cups,  one with full cup of water and the other half cup.   Now you put in the same amount of sugar to each cup.   Which cup of water will taste sweeter?  No brainer, it should be the half filled cup.    Chinese medicine will emphasize the water and try all the treatments to add the water to its full.  Then the sugar level will be reduced to normal.   Of course, it’s not a very easy process to just drink water.   It’s a complicated diagnosis and treatment process to supplement this type of water in your body, which is called JinYe.

Western medicine will focus on the blood test result instead of water level in your body.   As most of you know, water is about 70% in your body.   Do you think it is important?  By the blood sugar level, your family doctor will tell you that your pancreas is not secreting enough insulin.  Instead of trying to find the root cause to get pancreas back to work normally,  he will prescribe you the insulin.   By taking insulin,  you are really telling your pancreas to sleep as the insulin will take over the job.    Can you imagine without using your muscle for long, what would happen?  You pancreas will eventually stop working.

Also, according to energy conservation principle,  the blood sugar level seems reduced with insulin, but where did the sugar go?  It will accumulate to your feet.  Then all the other serious problems will come along.

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How Do You Know Whether You Need to See a Doctor or Do Something?

Here is a real story from one of Dr. Ni,HaiXia’s patients  (倪海厦): One day the patient went to see his family doctor and told him that her feet and hands felt so cold.   The doctor said:  “So what,  my wife’s feet are even colder than yours.”.  This is not joking.  You can see that western medicine doctor doesn’t care or  understand what feet or hand coldness means.    But it means a lot to TCM world.  This will be explored in future postings.

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What is considered normal?   The following helps define whether a person is healthy or not according to TCM theory:

To determine whether you need to check with any doctor,  you have to know what should be deemed as normal and healthy.    Different from western definition of disease oriented,  TCM is health -oriented medicine.  Besides no pain or discomfort,  the following TCM standard defines whether any person is considered healthy or not:

1) Sleep through the whole night (with sound asleep, except under situations when you have a big fight with your wife or you are fired by your boss)

2) Palm of hand of under feet are warm , even in winter (but hand too hot is not normal either)

3) Good appetite with good tasting capability, normal eating (not too much or too little)

4) One good stool every early morning  (banana shape, yellowish)

5) Normal sweating (e.g after exercise,  but not sweating while just sitting or without any activity)

6) Pee normally (good quantity each time around one can of coke,  yellowish but not dark yellow or brown,  around 5-7 times every day)




When these standards are not met, it means some organs or tissues or meridians start to have performance issue and need to be optimized.   Without treatment , it could lead to more serious health problems down the road.   TCM emphasize preventive treatment a lot.

There is a famous Chinese saying: 上工治未病, 中工治已病,下工治末病。 (The best TCM doctor focuses on telling you your potential problem and how to prevent it when he observes any symptoms instead of waiting to let the symptoms go worse until you feel it or suffer from it.)

The above standard will also guide you when you select any doctor/practitioner or treatments.   For example, if you are getting better sleep and feel more energetic  and your hand and feet are feeling warmer and your appetite is getting better,   congratulations, you are heading the right direction and need to keep with the doctor or treatment, whether it’s TCM or west medicine,  whether a practitioner is famous and have so many shining degrees or just a self-studied country doctor.  So to embrace health, you need to ask youself about those common sense questions,  not to follow everyone else simply because most people think it’s right.   Knowledge is power.   You have to equip yourself with right knowledge in order to make right decisions.   Join us to learn more and be your own doctor.

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